At Bronx Writing Academy, we believe that students learn best when they are engaged in meaningful, rigorous instruction that promotes student discourse and critical thinking.  We believe that social-emotional learning is critical for success. We believe that students learn and excel by engaging in academic, therapeutic, athletic, creative, and social programs.

                 CUNY CAT:

"The Creative Arts Team uses theatre strategies to engage, inspire, and educate.

Creative Arts Team (CAT) uses interactive theatre and drama strategies to inspire creativity and support social, emotional, and academic learning in a variety of settings including schools, after-school programs, college campuses, and community-based organizations. CAT actor-teachers (teaching artists) facilitate interactive workshops with young people, educators, parents, and professionals using a participant-centered approach to process key themes or issues and build skills using drama strategies.

When young people or adults step into the world of a CAT workshop they become active participants, not just observers. They shape and re-shape the lives of characters faced with ordinary – and extraordinary – challenges. Most important, they learn concrete skills they can reapply in their own lives.

Through interactive drama strategies, CAT captures a panoramic view of our society and zooms in on specific issues and behaviors that create obstacles in our lives. These workshops encourage participants to carefully examine the choices, decisions and consequences of everyday challenges. The end goal is to raise awareness and to promote problem solving, decision-making, and self-advocacy skills that will build the confidence of every participant."


"In the afterschool space, LEAP offers sustained participation in a particular discipline–including dance, theater, visual arts, among others–while continuing to build learning skills in "the four C's." We address community issues through artistic expression, collaboratively produce arts performances, and so much more. 

Our afterschool programs currently serve nearly 2,000 elementary and middle school students across 28 schools in New York City. Five days a week throughout the school year, we support nearly 200 Teaching Artists from all artistic disciplines who use the power of the arts to build the critical skills that kids need to be successful in the modern world. Students in our afterschool program work collaboratively to learn rhythm and harmonize when they play guitar; they think critically about our shared history when they perform pieces memorializing and honoring the kids of the Civil Rights Movement; they're introduced to science, technology, engineering, art, and math through creative learning to discover more about the built environment around them."


"Bronx Arts Ensemble brings music and related arts to Bronx schools and neighborhoods. We contribute to the cultures of our Bronx communities through live performances and innovative arts education that stimulate creativity, imagination, and aspirations."


TLNYC takes a holistic approach to youth and community development as we foster environments dedicated to helping the individuals we serve grow and thrive. TLNYC targets each enrolled Leader’s social, emotional, and psychological well-being to improve their academic and life outcomes. TLNYC embodies a “by any means necessary” approach to improve the holistic well-being of the youth, families, and communities we serve.

Our vision is to improve the mental, social, and economic conditions of the black and brown communities that we serve. The way to ensure these outcomes is by using foundational community values and methods that include integrating people from the direct communities we serve along with constant exposure to aspects of life that will inspire youth to thrive as a whole.