Our team at BWA is like a family, and we strive every day to establish a secure, healthy, and supportive atmosphere for our students and families. Each member of our staff, including our administrative team, office staff, school aides, and paras, plays a vital role in our daily operations. By getting to know our team, we hope you'll feel like a valued member of our community.

Mrs. Hasson


Mr. Neblett 

Assistant Principal 

Mr. Veliz

Dean of Students 

Mr. Rivera

Dean of Students 

Ms. Paez

Pupil Account Secretary 

Mrs. Zito 

Payroll Secretary 

Mrs. Clarke 

School Aide - DC37 Shop Steward 

Ms. Infante

Guidance Counselor 

Ms. Jacobs 

Social Worker

Restorative Circles 

Mrs. Kroun 

Social Worker

Bridging the Gap for Students in Temporary Housing 

Ms. Chavarria 

Social Worker 


Mrs. Sundersingh 

6th Grade ELA Teacher 

Ms. Fitzgerald

6th Grade ELA & Social Studies Teacher (Sped) (SC/ICT) 

Mr. Camargo 

6th Grade Math Teacher 

Mrs. Weissbrot Berger

6th Grade Math, Science & Social Studies Teacher (Sped Lead) (SC/ICT) 

Mrs. Camara

6th Grade Science Teacher 

Mrs. Cordero 

6th Grade Science Teacher

Ms. Krueger 

6th & 7th Science Teacher (SC)

Mr. Rahmani

6th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Mrs. Grant

7th Grade ELA Teacher

Mrs. Matos 

7th Grade ELA Teacher 

Mr. Romano

7th & 8th  Grade ELA Teacher (ICT/SC) 

Mrs. Carbon - Halstead

7th Grade Math Teacher 

Mrs. Jallow

7th Grade Math Teacher 

Ms. Sifuentes 

8th Grade Math & Vils Coach 

Mr. Alverio 

7th Grade Math, Science & Social Studies Teacher (ICT) 

Mrs. Rosa Lopez

7th Grade Science Teacher 

Ms. Saunders

7th Grade Science Teacher 

 Mr. Squillante

7th Grade Social Studies Teacher 

Ms. Goshine 

7th Grade Social Studies Teacher 

Ms. Mateo

Ms. Birkett - Johnson

8th Grade ELA Teacher 

Ms. Capers 

8th Grade ELA Teacher 

Mr. Evangelista

8th Grade Math Teacher 

Ms. Kiami 

8th Grade Math & Science Teacher (SC/ICT) 

Mrs. Cahayla

8th Grade Science Teacher 

Mr. Merson

8th Grade Social Studies Teacher 

Mr. Sandler 

Physical Education 

Ms. Martin


Ms. Fremont 

Individualized Educational Plan Teacher 

Mrs. Maria 

SBST School Psychologist 

Ms. Reyes - Luciano

SBST Social Worker 

Ms. Ventura

SBST Family Worker 

Ms. Danson

Para Professional 

Ms. Rosa


Mrs. Ripulone


Ms. Cuevas


Mrs. Bent


Mr. Santos


Mr. Martinez 

School Computer Technology Specialist  Support 

Mrs. Santos 

Community School Director 

 United Community Schools (UFT) 

Ms. Sanchez 

Social Worker

United Community Schools  (UFT)