Message from Principal Hasson - Welcome Back!

Post date: Apr 19, 2017 2:48:23 PM

Dear BWA Family!

Welcome back from what I hope was both a relaxing and re-energizing spring break. Happy holidays to all those who celebrated. Tomorrow we welcome the home stretch of the 2016-2017 school year. We have just a little over two months ahead of us - the final sprint of the marathon! The majority of our year is behind us and it's been a success! We had our first QR in two years that showcased the hard work we put into BWA all year. We had a fun-filled BWA Day along with the countless celebrations to highlight our students.

But our year is not over yet! We still have one more round of state tests plus MOSLs, NYSESLAT, and Performance Assessments. Below are the updates for the short week. I would also like to welcome Mr. Jamel Hicks, who is a new school aide to our staff. He begins tomorrow!


  1. Report Cards will be distributed Friday.
  2. PTA Meeting on Friday at 9:30am.
  3. Smile Dental to visit on Friday
  4. Staff Vs. Student Volleyball Game at 2:40 in School Gym
  5. Saturday Academy: Saturday School begins again this week. Please remind students that they have two more sessions until the math test

Uniform and Lateness: Both the student support and attendance teams have decided to try to combat uniform non-compliance and lateness with lunch detention. We hope to see an decrease in the number of students not complying. You can purchase School Uniform Shirt, Sweats, Sweaters, Hoodies from Main Office.

May you all have a great day.


Principal Hasson