Message from Principal Hasson

Post date: Jun 20, 2017 3:44:09 PM

Good morning, BWA Parents,

It's hard to believe we have just a week left of this school year! We have accomplished a lot and we should be proud of where our students will be when they leave us. There will always be areas for growth and improvement and we will continue to reflect on those as we close out this year and plan for the next. But during these last few days, I urge you to celebrate all you have accomplished - celebrate the growth and maturity of our students as they rise to the next grade; celebrate their persistence and their tenacity as they argued for grades or came up during lunch to finish assignments; celebrate the growth in their character because they undoubtedly have changed as a result of your warmth, care and belief in them as individuals. As you celebrate them, we will celebrate you! Because of all of you, our school continues to get better and better each and every day. Thank you all for your continued commitment, your pushes to make the school better and your support and honesty. We wouldn't be able to do this incredible work without you all.

Shoutout Celebrations!

  • Our senior activities were a huge hit! On Thursday, our 8th graders enjoyed themselves at Holiday Hills. Thank you all of our chaperones for ensuring their trip went smoothly!
  • On Friday our 8th graders celebrated at our prom. The DJ was incredible, and kept our kids dancing, singing and laughing all night long. The room looked great! Thank you Ms. Robinson and all of our chaperones for helping serve food, clean up, and keep an eye on our kids who was truly so well-behaved. The joy on our students faces will never be forgotten.
  • On Tuesday, we had 35 students take the Regents! 8th grade math teachers - thank you for your willingness to take on this challenge to prepare our students to become high school ready! You demonstrate true determination! As we participate in Algebra for All next year, we hope to increase this number!
  • It has been great to see how pods are keeping our students engaged until the end! The Zinn Pod has a great day of community service planned on Friday! Please see their email to how you might be able to support. The Hughes Pod will be celebrating Juneteenth this week! As many of you know, June 19th marks the date when slaves were emancipated. They have a wonderful list of activities planned to teach students about this day in history.
  • We held an amazing trip to SUNY Maritime College. The kids had a wonderful time! Thank you for organizing such a great experience for our students!

Culture Updates

  1. Student of the Month BBQ Wednesday 6/21: Our final celebration for all students of the month will take place on Wednesday. Details to follow.
  2. STEP Team at Nationals!: The LEAP step team will be competing in Atlanta on Friday.

Reach out if you have any questions at all!