Message from Principal Hasson

Post date: May 1, 2017 6:08:23 PM

Good morning, BWA Family,

I hope you all are had a great weekend. We have a big week ahead with the math test beginning on Tuesday. The math team and our students have spent many months learning content and preparing to show mastery on this exam! We are excited to see what they have accomplished and how they will do!

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week! Teachers are true heroes who prepare the minds of our future. For some extra inspiration I encourage you to watch this video of Rita Pierson reminding us that Every Kid Needs a Champion. THANK YOU FOR BEING CHAMPIONS!

This Week:

  1. School Leadership Team Meeting Tuesday in Room 309 at 4pm.
  2. NYS Math Exams begin Tuesday 5/2 and end Thursday 5/4.
  3. Parent Computer Class - Thursday from 6pm - 9pm.
  4. Staff vs. Student Basketball Game: Friday at 2:40pm
  5. School Photo Retakes are on Monday May 9th.

Culture Updates

  1. Please continue to remind the sutdents that if they arrive after 8:30, they will be receiving lunch detention.
  2. BWA Lotteries: Once a week, PBIS will be holding BWA lotteries for students in uniform that arrive before 8:30. Students should submit a signed BWA buck to their first period teacher and the bucks will be collected with the attendance.
  3. PBIS Sports Survey: Students, please be reminded that the PBIS team sent out a survey for students to complete.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Enjoy your day!


Principal Hasson