Message from Principal Hasson

Post date: Apr 24, 2017 2:56:14 PM

Good morning, BWA Family,

I hope you all are enjoyed your weekend.

We are officially into our final marking period with one more full week of instruction and one more Saturday academy before the Math test! But this does not mean our year is over! In fact, we have one more marking period where our students can demonstrate their knowledge and boost their grades. Instruction should be at the highest level it has been all year. Our students have come a long way from the beginning of the year and the fourth marking period serves as an opportunity to tie together everything they learned. High classroom and academic expectations are even more important now as we finish out the year.


  1. Lunch Detention: Students that arrive after 8:30 will be receive lunch detention.
  2. BWA Lotteries: Once a week, PBIS will be holding BWA lotteries for students in uniform that arrive before 8:30. Students should submit a signed BWA buck to their first period teacher and the bucks will be collected with the attendance.
  3. There will be CLS Initial planning meeting for our Community Fair Thursday at 2:40pm.
  4. Coffee and Convo with Principal Hasson to be held this Friday at 9:30am. Followed by PTA meeting. Elections to begin soon. Please contact main office if you would like to run for next year's Parent Association.


Principal Hasson