Message from Principal Hasson

Post date: Oct 23, 2017 1:50:50 PM

Good Afternoon BWA Team and Family!

I hope you all are enjoyed this beautiful weekend! Over the last 8 weeks, our teachers have all worked hard to lay the foundation necessary to ensure students can and will learn at high levels. Classroom environments are filled with respect and rapport. Students are focused on the work they have to complete.

Celebration Highlights!

We had a truly incredible week of celebrations! To see the teamwork and joy on kids faces during the celebration reminded me how important this type of work is. Grade teams did an amazing job preparing presentations awards and games to build teamwork.

  • 6th Grade - We commend you for your reflections and the learnings you shared with all staff. You also created awards that were used school-wide!
  • 7th Grade - We commend you for bringing in a team building activity that required students to work together to build and fly paper airplanes!
  • 8th Grade - We commend you for your organization, your facilitation, and your decorations that made the auditorium feel like true place of celebration.

Instructional Updates

  • Interim Assessment Week 1: This week we will administer our first round of Interim Assessments.
    1. ELA = Monday
    2. Science = Tuesday
    3. Social Studies = Wednesday
    4. Math = Thursday

Culture Updates

  1. Student Staff Games: will take place this week. Please see the schedule below. If you have any questions regarding logistics, please reach out to the PBIS team.
    1. 6th Tuesday during morning meeting
    2. 7th Thursday morning meeting
    3. 8th Thursday last period
  2. Attendance: If a student comes in late, please make sure you send them to the office so they get marked present.
  3. BWA Lion Tokens: We will begin tracking and celebrating classes for attendance, uniform and behavior beginning this week. Our mechanism for tracking will be BWA tokens.
  4. LeAp Announcements:
    • LeAp is cancelled on Friday.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out.


Principal Hasson