Principal's Message - Happy New Year!

Post date: Jan 2, 2018 4:02:58 PM

Good Afternoon, BWA Team and Family!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018! I hope you all had a wonderful, restful break with loved ones and family and got the chance to rest and recharge for what's ahead. The first third of our school year is officially behind us. We have spent the beginning of the year working to align common practices across classrooms. We have practiced entry and exit routines so that our hallways and classrooms are orderly. We have learned ways to check for understanding and monitor student learning so that students can make their thinking visible. And we have committed to putting structures in place for student discussion. And we did this all with the goal of increasing intellectual engagement of our students.

We have focused on the social emotional well being of both ourselves and our students by committing to circle work. We have created experiences for students to talk, share and work in teams. We have celebrated them for our values.

All of this has set us up to hit the ground running in 2018. So as we welcome 2018, we will do just that.

Below are the updates for the week.

  1. Interim Assessment Week 2 Jan. 8-12: Our second round of interim assessments will take place next week.
  2. Battle of the Pods: Pod soccer/hula hoop challenge will take place this week. See schedule below.
    1. 6th Grade: Tuesday, 1st period, East Gym
    2. 7th Grade: Thursday, 1st period, East Gym
    3. 8th Grade: Friday, last period, West Gym

Enjoy Your Day.


Principal Hasson