Principal's Message

Post date: Dec 18, 2017 7:33:04 PM

Good Afternoon, BWA Team and Family!

We have just 5 short days standing between us and December break. Think of this as the final sprint to the first of many finish lines. 2017 will soon be behind us and when we return in January we have just a few short months to get our kids prepared for the state exam. I encourage you all to take the time off to rest and recharge for the marathon ahead. Take these final 5 days to end on a positive note. Celebrate all of the amazing work students have accomplished to date. I want to also remind everyone of the importance of working hard until the end.

Culture Updates

  1. Student circles are officially up and running! This is another forum for students to practice active listening and demonstrate empathy for colleagues. It has been truly inspiring to see how open, honest, and thoughtful some of our students who struggle academically can be.
  2. PBIS Celebrations:
    1. BWA Bucks Donut Raffle Monday Morning: 12 winners will be announced per pod and donuts will be distributed during lunch.
    2. Class Token Ice Cream Social Wednesday @ 2pm: Classes that have completed token boards will participate in an ice cream social last period in the cafeteria.
  3. Talent Show!: This Friday we will have our annual Talent Show. Our students and staff have been working hard, practicing for this event. It is sure to be a wonderful celebration. Curtains go up at 11:30am.
  4. Friday Extended Recess: Weather permitting, we will have an extended recess on Friday this week.

Have a wonderful Sunday. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all.