The Childsight Program of Hellen Keller International at BWA

posted Dec 11, 2017, 10:51 AM by Ms. Perez

Principal's Message

posted Dec 11, 2017, 10:41 AM by Ms. Perez

Good Afternoon BWA Team & Family!

I hope you all got a chance to enjoy the first snow of the season! We have just 10 short days standing between us and December break. This Friday, I hope you will all join us as we celebrate together at our Talent Show. 

On Friday we had our first student of the month breakfast, which was a huge hit. We celebrated accomplishments with students and families over some delicious breakfast. We have finished our battle of the pods competition this month and I want to commend our students for exhibiting teamwork and support. The monthly grade-wide activities have created a sense of pride and camaraderie in our students. It is great to see them supporting one another.

Below are the updates for the week.  
  1. Progress Reports distributed Friday 12/15: Progress reports will be distributed this Friday
  2. 7th Grade College Access for All: We are fortunate to be a part of the citywide College Access for All Initiative that is targeted for 7th graders. Over the course of the year they will participate in workshops and college trips to get them thinking about their future. 
  3. Student Circles begin this week!: Thank you all for submitting names for circles. They will begin Tuesday and will take place from 2-2:40 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (one grade per day). 
  4. Door Decorating Contest: Join the PBIS team and get in the holiday spirit in by participating in the door decorating contest! Please see Ms. Carbon if you have any questions. Judging will take place on December 20th!
  5. There will be Vision Testing by The Childsight Program Hellen Keller International for all students on Thursday. A schedule will go out this week indicating the time we are requesting that you bring your class to the auditorium. 
  6. We are welcoming another social worker who will be working with our students Monday through Thursday. Her name is Ms. Claudia Wald and I will be sure to introduce you all. For the next two weeks she will be observing in classrooms, joining us at lunch and just getting to know our students. 
Principal Hasson

Principal's Message - Closing Out November

posted Nov 27, 2017, 7:01 AM by Ms. Perez

Good Afternoon, BWA Team and Family!

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend and got an opportunity to rest and recharge over the break with family and good food as we begin to wrap up 2017! During the short break, I was able to pause and reflect on on the work we have done.  And I was reminded that we have so much to be thankful for! 
  • A hard-working, compassionate staff who works tirelessly to ensure our students get on the path to high school and beyond! 
  • A team that takes risks for our students. 
  • A group of individuals who bring perspective, humility and experience to a workplace to make it truly unique. 
  • A group of new teachers who have made it through Thanksgiving and are doing incredible work with our students!
  • Pods that support one another and hold each other accountable. 
  • An office staff who continues to keep me organized and our school in compliance! 
  • And group of students who show up every day and push us to be our best! 
We also have so much to celebrate! Our year is a quarter of the way done and we have accomplished a lot! We have had 2 successful rounds of celebration that allow our students to feel accomplished and part of a community as they engage in activities that build their social emotional capacity. We hosted our first parent circle that created the safe space for parents to share their stories. We have an increase in attendance rates and a team who stays on top of students if they notice a change in attendance. We have close to 100% uniform compliance every day!  We have pods using section sheets to help monitor class behaviors! We have PBIS celebrations to ensure students have a way to celebrate their individual success with our values. All of these accomplishments contribute to a school that has a positive culture and creates a welcoming environment for students, families and staff. These elements are critical to the success of our school. Now, as we continue into the better part of our year, we will go deeper into ensuring we are implementing truly rigorous instruction. 

Below are the updates for the week. 
  1. Honor Roll Assembly November 30th @ 8:45am Our first honor roll assembly will take place this Thursday as an entire school! Students on the honor roll should wear black and white.
  2. PBIS Ice Cream Social WednesdayThere will be an ice cream social for classes with completed token boards on Wednesday at 2pm in the cafeteria. 
  3. We are hoping to begin Saturday Academy by the end of January this year. Saturday Academy will take place on Saturdays weekly through March. A posting will go up sometime in the next week.
  4. Battle of the Pod Competitions: Battle of the Pod Competitions will take place this week and next. Please see your time slot and date indicated below. 
    1. 6th grade - Tuesday 11/28 @ 8:30 in East Gym
    2. 7th Grade - Thursday 12/7 @ 8:30 in East Gym
    3. 8th Grade - Friday 12/1 @ 2:00pm in West Gym 
If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out! See you tomorrow

Principal Hasson

Message from Principal Hasson

posted Nov 14, 2017, 8:34 AM by Ms. Perez   [ updated Nov 14, 2017, 8:35 AM ]

Good Afternoon, BWA Team and Family,

I hope you all are enjoyed your weekend and had a chance to thank a veteran for their commitment to preserving the freedom of this country. To all those who have served, we are forever grateful. 

Below are the updates for the week. 

  • Shout out to our debate team for taking home their first win in the scrimmage they participated in. Thank you to the teachers leading this charge to prepare students with skills necessary for success in the future! 
  • This week we will be having our first parent circle for 6th grade parents on Wednesday at 8:30am! Shout out to Ms. B, Ms. Rivas, Ms. Infante, and Ms. Perez for working with the Parent Action Committee to get this off the ground. A detailed email will go out explaining its purpose and what to expect later today. 
  • Shout out to the Student Council who has been working with Bronx Health Reach and CUNY on Thursday afternoons to create marketing campaigns for healthy eating that they will be presenting at Thursday's CLS/SLT meeting! Come show your support!  
  • Report Card Conferences Tuesday 11/21 & BWA Staff and PTA Gives Thanks Potluck Tuesday: Our first round of report card conferences will be next Tuesday! We will have a half day for students and the first session will take place from 1-3 and the second from 5-8. 
  • Honor Roll Assembly: Our first Honor Roll Assembly will take place this Friday
  • BWA Buck Raffle Fridays: On Fridays, we will have a BWA raffle for all students to have an opportunity use BWA bucks and get some BWA swag! 
If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Principal Hasson

6th Grade Parents Please Join us for Restorative Circles

posted Nov 10, 2017, 6:22 AM by Ms. Perez   [ updated Nov 10, 2017, 10:46 AM ]

To Confirm Your attendance please call main office at (718)293-9048 or Click Here to Register

Principal's Message

posted Oct 31, 2017, 7:44 AM by Ms. Perez

Good Morning, BWA Team and Family, 

I hope you all had a wonderful, restful weekend. Please note that at BWA we do not allow students to dress up on Halloween. 

Below are the updates for the week! 

This Week's Highlights
  • Student Staff Basketball game success! It was great to see staff members representing our staff during these games! Our students were outstanding spectators. Thank you to Mr. Pierre and the PBIS team for putting together timely and organized games that allowed students days to start off cheering for one another! 
  • Our attendance rates remained above 90% all week! 
  • A successful first interim assessment week! 
Culture Updates
  • BWA Lion Tokens:  Our tokens and section sheets are off to a great start! Thank you for working hard to ensure classes are using these as a way to track behavior school-wide. Students receive tokens for the following: 
    1. 100% attendance tracked by Morales
    2. 100% uniform tracked by SST/ 100% smooth transition tracked by SST
    3. 100% class excellence on section sheet tracked by pod leads
Principal Hasson

Message from Principal Hasson

posted Oct 23, 2017, 6:50 AM by Ms. Perez

Good Afternoon BWA Team and Family!

I hope you all are enjoyed this beautiful weekend! Over the last 8 weeks, our teachers have all worked hard to lay the foundation necessary to ensure students can and will learn at high levels. Classroom environments are filled with respect and rapport. Students are focused on the work they have to complete. 

Celebration Highlights! 

We had a truly incredible week of celebrations! To see the teamwork and joy on kids faces during the celebration reminded me how important this type of work is. Grade teams did an amazing job preparing presentations awards and games to build teamwork. 
  • 6th Grade - We commend you for your reflections and the learnings you shared with all staff. You also created awards that were used school-wide! 
  • 7th Grade - We commend you for bringing in a team building activity that required students to work together to build and fly paper airplanes!
  • 8th Grade - We commend you for your organization, your facilitation, and your decorations that made the auditorium feel like true place of celebration. 
Instructional Updates
  • Interim Assessment Week 1: This week we will administer our first round of Interim Assessments. 
    1. ELA = Monday
    2. Science = Tuesday
    3. Social Studies = Wednesday 
    4. Math = Thursday 
Culture Updates
  1. Student Staff Games: will take place this week. Please see the schedule below. If you have any questions regarding logistics, please reach out to the PBIS team. 
    1. 6th Tuesday during morning meeting
    2. 7th Thursday morning meeting 
    3. 8th Thursday last period
  2. Attendance: If a student comes in late, please make sure you send them to the office so they get marked present. 
  3. BWA Lion Tokens: We will begin tracking and celebrating classes for attendance, uniform and behavior beginning this week. Our mechanism for tracking will be BWA tokens.   
  4. LeAp Announcements: 
    • LeAp is cancelled on Friday

If you have any questions at all, please reach out.

Principal Hasson

Message from Principal Hasson

posted Oct 10, 2017, 1:28 PM by Ms. Perez

Good Afternoon, BWA Team and Family, 

I hope you all enjoyed the extra day as we gear up for the second half of our first marking period. It was wonderful to see many students discussing their grades at dismissal as they looked at their progress reports on Friday. They all were deeply invested in their progress, which means you are all doing a great job instilling a strong work ethic in them! 

Collectively, we have done a wonderful job setting routines and structures around our academic expectations. As we settle into the year, please be reminded that these routines should become habit but students will most definitely will need constant reminders of them.

    • BWA Bucks: Bucks continue to be distributed to individual students who demonstrate PEN and INK (preparation, excellence, never giving up, integrity, neatness, and kindness). It is important that we are celebrating and recognizing our students who demonstrate our values, so please make sure you are giving them out!
    • A successful BWA Bucks celebration on Monday morning to celebrate students arriving on time and in uniform to school!
Please reach out if you have any questions at all. 

Principal Hasson

Message from Principal Hasson

posted Oct 2, 2017, 12:20 PM by Ms. Perez   [ updated Oct 3, 2017, 6:14 AM ]

Good Afternoon, BWA Families! 

Our final week of September is behind us and we have much to celebrate. We had our first superintendent visit which provided us with positive feedback around the work we have done to begin the year successfully! 

On another note, I am deeply saddened to share that a student passed away at a Bronx High School. But in the wake of this tragedy, I am encouraged by the work we are doing around morning meeting and restorative circles. This layer of support is providing an opportunity for us to be responsive to issues that may be arising and proactive in preventing them from occurring. It is a place or students to discuss issues of bullying and harm as this week's lesson did. I am hopeful that our work will further support the needs of our students. Below are the updates for our week.
  • Progress Reports: Our first set of progress reports will be distributed on friday. 
  • BWA Bucks: The PBIS team, which meets on Tuesday afternoons, is working hard to create opportunities to use these bucks. It is important that we are celebrating and recognizing our students who demonstrate our values.  We are aiming to have our first celebration tied to bucks on Friday. Stay tuned for what that will be! Announcements
  • There will be an SLT meeting this Monday @ 4pm in Room 309.   
Please reach out if you have any questions at all. Enjoy this beautiful weather and the taste of Autumn!

Principal Hasson

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